Short Poems – Nayyirah Waheed


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Damn good people.


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Christmas party.


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Then change it.


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A breath of reality.


The further she swims the more freedom she feels. An uplifting accomplishment, escaping reality and diving into an unknown world. A world she can make her own. A world that only exists in her mind. The water lifts her limbs, makes her weightless. It makes her free.

She holds her breathe, so deep and for so long she can feel it in her gut. As soon as the feeling moves through her body to her head, the need for air becomes present. She kicks a bit faster and makes her way to the surface. Popping up and taking in one giant breathe of fresh seaside air. The salty water runs into her eyes and burns. The waves whip at her face. The wind blows into her ears. If only she never needed to come up for air. If only she could live beneath the surface of the water, where it remains calm and silent and still; where she floats so easily, without strain or urgency.

Life is difficult. It requires so much from us. It hacks at our senses when all we want to do is float. But life is our reality, it is what we live. Life might be tough, but it’s a better option than death. So we kick our feet, we swim to the surface, we breathe in air, we face reality. We try our best not to drown. The bottom of the ocean is a beautiful escape. But people cannot live in at the bottom of the ocean.

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New Leaves!

Life is unpredictable,

It changes with the seasons,

Even your coldest winter,

Happens for the best of reasons.

And though it  feels eternal,

Like all you’ll ever do is freeze.

I promise Spring is coming,

And with it, brand new leaves.

~ e.h

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